Slenaken and area

Slenaken islocated south of village Reijmerstok and borders Belgium. Teuven is the closest Belgian town. Slenaken is surrounded by various forests such as the Grote Bos, the Branderbos and the Roebels Bos. River the Gulp meanders past the village centre, right through the centre that is attractive to tourists. Beutenaken, Heijenrathand Schilberg are nearby villages.

The typicalhilly landscape is well reflected here with its beautiful views. The beautifulparish church, the meandering of the Gulp and the many facilities determine theattractiveness of the core. In 2004 Slenaken finished in second place in theelection 'Greenest Village of the Netherlands' by the Entente Floralefoundation.

Around 1850there were 120 houses in Slenaken that were inhabited by 599 inhabitants. Therewas no school. As of January 1, 2005, there were 314 houses, 636 inhabitants and the school had 50 students. In 2021 Slenaken still has 365 inhabitants.


The town of Gulpen is only 10 minutes by car from Slenaken. Gulpen has an important and special place for tourism in the area. As the center of the region, it has many services, shops and a thriving nightlife. The Gulp, which flows right through the center, gives it a special atmosphere.



From the direction of Maastricht to Slenaken you will probably drive through the town of Margraten. The village arose around the Saint Margarita Church: the triangular square is still easy to recognize. There is a modern shopping center and there are cozy cafes and restaurants.

Margraten is known worldwide for the American cemetery. More than 8,000 soldiers are buried here. The majority died during the Second World War, during the liberation of the Netherlands. Here you are entering American territory and you can sure feel it in the atmosphere! The thirty meter high tower can be seen from afar.



Valkenburg has a rich history. Walking in this area is beautiful. Shopping is also an experience. In the shopping streets of Valkenburg you will find plenty ofsmaller boutique shops. There are nice narrow streets with authentic houses,you can enjoy the view of the castle ruins and enjoy one of the many terraces.



OfficiallyVaals is a village, but its size makes it feel more like a small city. It is acozy place with a historic city center, however, Vaals is best known for the border triangle on the Vaalserberg, which also the highest point of the Netherlands.