Theinternationally renowned shopping city of Maastricht has a rich history andbeautiful surroundings. Maastricht is full of boutiques, well-known fashion storesand unique Burgundian restaurants. You will also find many squares with cafes,pubs and cosy bars. Maastricht has been proclaimed as shopping city of theNetherlands, and rightly so! Countless shops, restaurants and antique shopswhere you can indulge yourself. The shops in Maastricht are all located in thecultural part of the city and the famous Vrijthof square is centrally located.You will find department stores, specialist shops and trendy boutiques. EveryThursday Maastricht has late night shopping until 9:00 PM and on Sundays youcan go shopping from noon till 05:00 PM.

There areseveral shopping districts throughout the city. Think luxury shops, livelyshopping streets, romantic alleys and Burgundian restaurants and shops.

Entre Deux | This neighbourhood is locatedbetween two squares, hence the name. The building has three floors and fitsvery well with the architecture of Maastricht.

Main shoppingstreet | When it'slate night shopping, Thursday evening, this mainly happens in the Grotestraat,Kleinestraat and Maastrichter Brugstraat. They are all located in the heart ofthe city centre and all shops have an authentic character.

Mosae Forum | The building alone is anattraction in Maastricht. Dozens of shops are housed in this building with fashionableclothes, sportswear, supermarkets and restaurants. Vaulted cellars trendy shopsare typical of Mosae Forum.

Square 1992 | In the Céramique district youwill find square 1992. Famous gastronomy, home accessories haute couture andimage and sound are sold here in trendy shops.

Rechtstraat | This street has a wide range ofshops and the shoppers get their money's worth here during shopping eveningMaastricht. The heavenly gift house is one of the shops in the Rechtstraat. Astore with Eastern and Western influences that are reflected in the offer.

Stokstraatquarter | In thisdistrict you will find everything in the field of jewellery, jewellery, hautecouture watches and prints. Beautiful shops for purses and other accessoryshops also adorn this street.